Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam (Mac, PC, Linux).
Published by Studio Canvas. Made with Unity.


  • Unite Sydney 2019 Unity Best Showcase Gaming
  • 2016 Intel Level Up Game Developer Contest Winner Best Game Physics
  • SXSW 2016 Gamers Voice Award Nomination for Best Multiplayer
  • Best of SxGaming 2016 Winner of Best Kid Friendly Game
  • Best of SxGaming 2016 Editors Choice for Party Mayhem Game/Relationship Ender
  • Indie Prize Awards Europe 2015 Nomination for Best Multiplayer


Super Space Racer

Staying @Home Game-Jam.
Made with Unreal Engine and World Machine. Procedural foliage, Blueprints, Flying Racing AI, Flight Controls. Directed by Alberto Santiago.


Fast & Furious:

(Status: Sunset)

iOS, Android.
Senior 3D Artist. Modelling, texturing environments and game assets for SMG Studios.

Warhammer 40,000:
Dawn of War II

3D Generalist. Character modelling, texturing, cloth dynamics, volumetrics and blood VFX for Plastic Wax.

Justice League Heroes

Playstation 2, Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advanced.
3D Generalist. Modelling, texturing, cloth dynamics, volumetrics VFX and OnScreen graphics for Plastic Wax.

Mafia II

Playstation 3, Xbox 360.
3D Generalist. Character. Vehicles, texturing, cloth dynamics and blocking for Plastic Wax.

Wonton Leap

iOS, Android.
Made with Unity. Procedurally generated levels. Game mechanics. UI and game store.